Advanced Serial Port Terminal

Brings serial port communication to the new level

Advanced Serial Port Terminal is a perfect tool to ease the routine of developers' everyday work. It features everything a professional developer needs for debugging, testing and troubleshooting serial devices or remote computers. Serial Port Terminal lets you connect to serial port device, or to remote computer using null-modem cable or LAN, send and receive various types of data (ASCII string, binary, octal and hexadecimal), redirect input/output data streams into a specified file for further analysis, troubleshoot and test different serial port devices settings.

Advanced Serial Port Terminal lets you work with numerous number of ports simultaneously, both serial and virtual ones. You can easily alter baudrate, databits, parity, stop bits, flow control parameters and dynamically apply these changes to serial port settings without the need to close and reopen the port you are working with. You can always check the history of typed commands for all opened sessions and view all data that has been sent. Setup aliases for the commands that you use often, thus saving much of your time. Configure Advanced Serial Port Terminal interface to suit your needs and make your work easier and faster.

Common objectives and our solutions:

  • Make your testing and troubleshooting more profound, though easier

Unlike other terminals, Advanced Serial Port Terminal allows you to send and receive binary data via X-modem, save history of all typed commands for all opened sessions, view all data that has been sent, send special characters to modem and lots more. Our serial port terminal has the full set of predefined keyboard shortcuts that can greatly ease your work. However, you can set your own set of aliases for the commands you use most of all. Change "read" and "write" data colors to ease the working process.

  • Perform several tasks simultaneously

With Advanced Serial Port Terminal you can work with several serial or virtual ports at the same time. You can not only change the settings of every port you are working with on the go, but also save all sessions' parameters for further usage and load them every time you launch Advanced Terminal. You can switch between terminal and data views that ensure the most effective way of communicating with serial port device.

  • Hardware and software development, adjusting, debugging, tuning-up and testing

It is very easy to test any hardware that uses serial port to connect to a computer with Advanced Serial Port Terminal. As our Terminal can send data in different formats and features the ability to save data streams into a file you can analyze the work of the hardware by sending various types of commands to it. The same way you can test any software that uses serial com port and is located on the remote computer. Advanced Serial Port Terminal will connect to the remote computer via null modem cable or TCP/IP protocol if LAN is enabled.

Advanced Serial Port Terminal is:

  • An ideal application for testing and debugging serial port devices
  • An advanced utility, able to send and receive data in various formats
  • Great for serial port communication analysis, as it redirects both sent and received data into a stated file
  • A very handy tool that can work with any number of serial port simultaneously
  • Intended to ease the work of hardware and software developers and integrators

Advanced Serial Port Terminal overview:

  • Work with any number of virtual and serial ports at the same time
  • change communication port settings without the need to reopen it
  • view incoming/outgoing data in hexadecimal format
  • switch between terminal and dump view modes
  • send data in different formats (ASCII/ANSI string, binary, octal and hexadecimal)
  • redirect incoming/outgoing data stream into a defined file
  • save configuration parameters for further usage
  • connect to remote computer using null-modem cable
  • connect to remote host via TCP/IP protocol
  • connect to any number of serial/virtual port devices
  • full support of VT100 terminal emulation
  • send/receive data using X-modem protocol

Advanced Serial Port Terminal is aimed to assist:

  • Communication System Development
  • GPS Development
  • Radio-/Telecommunication Companies
  • Any business with a need to implement advanced data exchange between serial devices and applications
  • System programmers
  • System administrators
  • Hardware and software integrators

Advanced Serial Port Terminal Purchase Info:

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There is no better tool to test devices that are connected to com port. We tested our scanner and software that ensures communication interface with it, the whole testing period went so smooth and so fast! All serial port devices can be tested this way, we are on our second test now. And planning to use your terminal from now on.

Jennis Rodrigues

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  • Release date:
    17th August, 2007
  • Build compiled:
    17th August, 2007
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Demo limitations
  • 14-day trial
System requirements
  • Processor: Pentium II class at least 200 MHz
  • OS: Windows 98, NT4, Me, 2000, XP, 2003
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Disk Space: 3-5 MB of initial free disk space
  • Video: 800x600, True Color
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What's new:

Possibility to launch RS232 Terminal from command line implemented