Advanced Serial Port Terminal

Ideal tool for testing, debugging and troubleshooting serial port devices.
  • Test any hardware that uses serial port
  • Works with numerous number of ports simultaneously
  • Redirects incoming/outgoing data stream into a defined file
Serial Port Terminal is a serial port utility that lets you connect to serial port device, or to remote computer using null-modem cable or LAN, send and receive various types of data (ASCII string, binary, octal and hexadecimal), redirect input/output data streams into a specified file for further analysis, troubleshoot and test different serial port devices settings. This serial port utility lets you work with numerous number of ports simultaneously, both serial and virtual ones.

Advanced Com Port Redirector

Creates an absolute virtual copy of a real serial com port and locates it on your computer. After that it is possible to redirect any kind of stream data from real serial port to the created virtual one.
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Create up to 127 redirection ports
  • Works under virtual machine
No reboot required after creation of the redirection port. This ensures break-free serial port utility's work without time losses. Moreover, you can redirect data from virtual ports also, if those are present in your system and have been created earlier with Virtual Serial Port Driver or any other virtual ports software. These virtual ports will appear real to Advanced Com Port Redirector and it won't recognize the difference.

Serial Port ActiveX Control

Provide your own software with possibility to fully control hardware serial ports.
  • Implement rs232 manipulation technology into your own software
  • Track serial port activity
  • Manage serial port signal lines
With Serial Port ActiveX Control you can integrate its functionality into your own applications and serial port utilities and enable those with the power to manage port settings and configuration directly from developed applications. Get full list of ports present in your system, all events that happened to port (port opened, port closed, data sent, data received, etc). This serial port utility features a list of examples for different development environments.
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There is no better tool to test devices that are connected to com port. We tested our scanner and software that ensures communication interface with it, the whole testing period went so smooth and so fast! All serial port devices can be tested this way, we are on our second test now. And planning to use your terminal from now on.

Jennis Rodrigues